Saturday, June 21, 2008

No, We Can't!

I have been hemming an hawing over following Senator Clinton's request that we all support Barrack Obama. Hillary, true to her word, is going to throw her support behind him and do everything in her power to make sure a democrat is elected to the White House. I would expect nothing less from her. BUT, I am not sure I can support an Obama candidacy. Do I want a McCain 08 sticker on my car? No, not really that either. 

And, we all apologize for our blog falling quiet for so long. We didn't stay true to our word and stopped posting. We can't promise daily posts, but there will be activity on this blog over the course of the election season. This is an important election and it is going to get dirty on both sides. Democrats will demonize John McCain by hinging on their campaign on sound bytes and quotes taken out of context that, in turn, will make McCain seem like and out of touch monster and war monger. Republicans will go after Obama's wife and try to paint Obama as a scary character himself by saying he spends frivolously, has no experience, and that we should question who he really is as a man and senator.  Hopefully, we can become as non partisan and unbiased as possible here at

What incited me today, was the new Barack Obama presidential seal, as seen below. 

I was completely offended, outraged and scared by this image all at once. When Obama first debuted his ridiculous O logo over a year ago, I was disgusted. There is a certain sense of arrogance and pretentiousness that the logo communicates and it seemed to say that this election is all about Barack Obama. The new seal is an insult to the American presidency and shows no respect for the office he is about to assume. Shame on you Barack Obama. 

The new seal, in Latin, says, "Yes, we can!" I say, "No, we can't!" We simply cannot allow someone to use hundreds of millions of dollars and a slick marketing team to win the White House on those grounds alone. 

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mkallen3 said...

Vote for McCain. Obama is an arrogant fraud. Everyone is ASSUMING he has this sewn up. That assuming is wrong.